When Brussels decided to end tax avoiding practices within its member states, Britain decided to leave the EU.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Edward L. Bernays

David Cameron wanted Great Britain to remain in the European Union. However, his frail remain campaign failed because he never informed the British voters of the most significant advantage of staying in the EU, its new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

To convince the British people to vote to remain, Mr Cameron had to remind them that by staying in the EU, his government would have had to implement the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive by the year 2019 and enact new laws and collecting taxes from everyone, including our tax-dodging billionaires.

However, Mr Cameron wasn’t keen on ending extreme austerity measures by collecting taxes from the wealthy elite registered in tax havens throughout his political career.

Whenever the EU undertook meaningful actions to end tax avoidance amongst its member states, Mr Cameron confirmed his commitment to hold the EU referendum.

In January of 2013, Brussels produced a concrete action plan for a new EU directive that would end tax-avoiding practices amongst its member states, and within a month, Mr Cameron confirmed that he favours an EU referendum, stating:

“And I want us to be pushing to exempt Europe’s smallest entrepreneurial companies from more EU Directives.”


Within that year, Mr Cameron undertook his first push to exempt Europe’s smallest entrepreneurial companies from more EU Directives by asking the President of the European Council to exclude offshore trusts from the EU’s new Anti Tax  Avoidance Directive.

“David Cameron intervened personally to prevent offshore trusts from being dragged into an EU-wide crackdown on tax avoidance, it has emerged. In a 2013 letter to the then president of the European council, Herman Van Rompuy, the prime minister said that trusts should not automatically be subject to the same transparency requirements as companies.”


Mr Cameron announced the date for the EU referendum soon after the exact details of the EU’s AntiTax Avoidance Directive were revealed.

The European Commission presented its proposal for the AntiTax Avoidance Directive on January 28th of 2016, and within a month, Mr Cameron announced the date for the EU referendum.

Shortly afterwards, Theresa Villiers, Priti Patel, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, and John Whittingdale appeared at the Vote Leave headquarters, holding a banner with the slogan “Let’s take back control”. Speaking on behalf of six Tory Brexiteers, Grayling explained that they wanted to restore the sovereignty of the British nation.

Backed by The SunDaily MailSunday Times, Daily Express and Telegraph, which are owned by tax-avoiding media tycoons, Tory Brexiteers managed to protect the sovereignty of our wealthy tax-dodgers from the new EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Cameron defended the offshore low tax rates, claiming:

“We’re happy to support blacklists but we don’t think we should draw up a blacklist solely on the basis of a territory raising a low tax rate – we don’t think that’s the right approach.”


In fact, ever since he announced his U-turn on the EU referendum in 2013, Mr Cameron spent his time exclusively in the company of executive officials of the British pro-Brexit press, which are owned by wealthy tax-avoiding billionaires who felt threatened by the new EU Directive intended to bring an end to their tax-avoiding practices.

According to Press Gazette, throughout 2013, 2014 and 2015, David Cameron and George Osborne intensified their discussions with the pro-Brexit press.

“Of the 23 meetings between October 2014 and September 2015, eight were with News Corporation executives, five with the BBC or BBC Trust and four with Telegraph Media Group.”


As someone who campaigned to remain in the EU, one might have expected Mr Cameron to coordinate his campaign and meet with the pro-EU press, such as the Independent, Guardian, Financial Times, etc. Instead, Mr Cameron spent most of his time in the company of the executive officials of the pro-Brexit press, as follows:

News Coorp., which controls The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun

  1. In February 2015, Mr Cameron met with Robert Thomson, News Corporation chief executive; and
  2. In July 2015, Mr Cameron met with Robert Thomson, general discussion.

Telegraph Media Group, which controls The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph

  1. In February 2013, Mr Cameron met with Murdoch MacLennan and Guy Black (with John Witherow and Lionel Barber);
  2. In April 2013, Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay;
  3. In September 2013, Mr Cameron met with Murdoch MacLennan (with Tony Gallagher and Ian MacGregor) for general discussion;
  4. In November 2013, Mr Cameron met with Sir David Barclay, the Telegraph owner;
  5. In May 2014, Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay, general discussion;
  6. In October 2014, Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay (with Fizzy Barclay); and
  7. In January 2015 –  Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay.

Express newspapers, which controls the Daily Star and Daily Express

  1. October 2013 –  Mr Cameron met with Richard Desmond, general discussion
  2. January 2015 –  Mr Cameron met with Richard Desmond, general discussion

Daily Mail

  1. October 2014 –  Mr Cameron met with Lord Rothermere (with Paul Dacre), chairman and owner of Daily Mail and General Trust.

David Cameron is a classic Jekyll & Hyde example, publicly campaigning to remain in the EU and secretly spending most of his time with people who campaigned to leave the EU.

On March 25th of 2015, Members of the European Parliament representing Mr Cameron’s party, UKIP and DUP voted against the EU’s plans to crack down on corporate tax-dodging by making companies report where they make their profits and pay taxes.

“From Britain, Conservative, UKIP, and DUP MEPs voted against the report, though many did not show up or not vote.”


Even Mr Farage’s UKIP, the party who rambled on as being the only UK party to speak out for Britain’s little people, in the European Parliament, instead of the people he pledged to represent, he voted to protect the vested interests of the wealthy elite, who refuse to pay their tax contributions.

Apparently, Mr Farage also tried to avoid paying his taxes through an offshore trust fund.

“The 49-year-old paid a tax adviser to create the Farage Family Educational Trust 1654 in the tax haven – which he intended to channel funds through.”


Reflecting on Supreme Court’s decision that the British Parliament must decide whether or not to trigger Article 50, Mr Farage revealed the crucial aspect of his Brexit campaign, stating:

“Well, we would be half-Brexiting is my guess – is that legally we may get out of some aspects of EU membership, but if we stay in the single market, we finish up with all our businesses being regulated somewhere else and indeed a court in Luxembourg that can overrule our own Supreme Court and if that happens it will a supreme act of betrayal.”


The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg is responsible for ensuring that EU directives are interpreted and applied in the same way in every member state, including the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

In case you are still you are wondering about Mr Farage’s ambition, here’s what he had to say on the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive at the EU Parliament and the way he defended tax avoidance of the wealthy Brits in the UK:


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68 thoughts on “When Brussels decided to end tax avoiding practices within its member states, Britain decided to leave the EU.

  1. Well documented analysis of the ongoings of big corporate and private individuals ‘s taxe évasion on a level never disclosed so clearly and the part played by the Tories big guns to protect theirs interests !!And it seems very obvious now to see why a controlling EU wanting to put theirs noses in this well oiled system doesn’t suit the big guns (the Murdoch)of this world and theirs cronies !Therefore the “let’s take back control”
    Take an other meaning ? And certainly nothing to do with the interests of all the people’ but only of the few who benefits from all the existing loopholes ! Brexit is therefore a big opportunity for them and the hell with the rest of us!!

    But their is no one blinder than those would do not want to see!!

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    1. Tax avoidance and loopholes was a driver of get rich quick,of not paying their taxes, as soon as E.U. decided to clean up, they wanted out,the same sort of people took us into Europe to line the pockets down south.

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  2. You Remainers want it all ways. Firstly you claimed the reason the country voted to leave the EU was because of the poor huddled masses (mainly northerners) who were too ignorant of economic matters to see the reasonableness of your and Osborne’s claims of financial armageddon, and now it was all a sophisticated plot by the super-rich and large corporations. And the bit about lowering corporation tax being responsible for jobs moving overseas is frankly, illogical and ridiculous. As for the portrayal of the EU and its ghastly commissioners and grossly overrewarded MEPs being the guardians of jobs and standards of living for the common man! Have you not seen what it’s doing to Greece and Spain?!

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    1. Please do not call northerners ignorant. If the dirty filty corrupt press and politicians told the truth for once we would all know the truth. But the greedy rich don’t want their cover blown! 😠

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    2. Both Greece and Spain are doing much better than the UK since the vote and we haven’t actually relinquished are EU benefits yet. To be clear, the issue regarding the EUs determination to reduce tax avoidance and its conflict if interest for many of our political and business elite was well highlighted before the referendum by many, but sadly buried and outvoted by the majority of the national press and the public.
      Many of the local papers highlighted a significant swing of opinion in many Leave voting areas , especially the NorthEast of England, after the vote, as it has become apparent so many lies were told and truth were hidden, including the very poignant issue of tax avoidance. To be ignorant and fooled by lies is no crime or shame but to refuse to accept this you are guilty
      of both

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      1. Really? Tell that to the GreeK youth whose unemployment rate is 42.5 % or the Spanish youth whose unemployment rate is 35%.


      1. Er the Greece problem is fuelled by and born of decades of wealthy Greeks not paying their taxes. You either work for one of the tax haven beneficiaries or you are very ill informed. That’s the polite version.


    3. Well that’s a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts – as you knew when you made the statement. There can be many reasons – some of them conflict, some of them complement. The reason why the key brexitard quitters initiated Brexit was (as is known around the world but apparently not so much among the stupider members of the british public) because of the twin crackdowns on tax evasion . and on bribery and corruption. This is why Theresa Mays FIRST act as PM was to invalidate the European Arrest Warrants by withdrawing unilaterally from Europol. This lost us access to the multiple counter-terrorism databases – but who cares about that right? the reason why many voted for brexit was as you have suggested .. people ignorant of economic matters . .detached from the 21st Century. They were tricked into voting for something that was clearly not in their best interests – but which is making untold £millions for their rightful lords and masters. As is the norm with such conditions you here leap to the defence of those who are seeking to bend you over. p.s. Both Spain and Greece (and Italy and Portugal) all outperformed the UK since the referendum – well done for keeping up with current events. also note that the Commissioners occupy a similar role to our own heads of various Civil Service ministries and are – of course – appointed by our elected representatives (well done for knowing that bit of publicly available information).

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    4. Pre-Brexit the UK. was the fastest growing EU nation. Why worry about Spain or Greece?
      OECD forecast and this Brexit government now forecast the poorest growth for decades. The change is the effect of Brexit: nothing else.
      Please therefore would any Brexiteer accept redundancy and reduced salary before any remainer. Will you accept this responsibility for your decision to leave the EU?

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    5. Greece has problems basically because they went daft with someone else’s credit card….. Wise up!!


      1. Your wrong there,Greece were screwed by Germany and France who were up shit creek,the Germans had already borrowed from their own bank and couldn’t go back for more,Greece were used as cover for merkels mistakes,the imf bailed out Greece that means everyone in it did but Greece never saw the money


    6. Dave Cliff, I would be interesting to see whether your are being paid to be a troll, or whether you are just to thick to see the truth. The majority of leavers voted to come out as a result of the lies they were told day after day by the press, who just happened to be owned by people who had these wonderful offshore trusts to protect their assets and ensure that THEY did not pay tax on their money. The minute that The E U to Cameron that these trusts would NOT be exempted from the new disclosure rules the order was given to Cameron by his paymasters to get us out of Europe. If you follow Politics and have a knowledge of Economics the truth is blindly true. These rich elites are quite happy to see the U.K. go down the tube as their money is hidden away.
      This is one of the best written articles on the reason for Brexit I have read and the author is ro be congratulated for taking the time to put pen to paper

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      1. I fully agree with you Charles McLaughlin and it is amazing how Leavers fell for those lies. Even now, according to polls, only 3 or 4% of Brexiteers are starting to see the error of their ways. I have been saying for a long time that Brexit has been initiated by some very unsavoury/shady people, not forgetting there *was* international interference in the referendum (from Russia) too.


    7. Not at all. The result serves to show the ignorance of the masses, does it not? And how easily people are manipulated. People like you, perhaps. You own this mess. You don’t honestly believe that you will be better off out of the EU? Absolute rubbish. As soon as the EU wanted to know where all the loot is kept and who owns it, ‘THEY’ want out. Your opinion and mine is irrelevant.


    8. Hi Dave,
      Have you not considered that both of these things can be true? I’m one of those ‘Remainers’. It is absolutely clear that the referendum was lost because of the disenfranchised who wanted to give our Government a punch on the nose – because our Government is responsible for so many people suffering under unnecessary austerity measures. It’s understandable why this happened, even though it was the wrong thing to do.
      This is independent of why the Cons called a referendum in the first place. They called it because of the announcement of a change in EU laws with regard to tax havens. You see, this is cause and effect.


    9. There’s this place up north called Scotland that unanimously opted to remain. Also, Newcastle and other cities across the UK votes remain. The notion that it was a north/south divide is preposterous.


    10. Dave Cliff, there were different groups of people who voted different ways in the advisory, fraudulent and undemocratic referendum of 2016. The Tory elite and their tax-exiled donors wanted to keep their tax havens safe from the EU Tax Avoidance Directive. Obviously, this wouldn’t make the average voter vote for leave, so said donors and press barons cooked up a reasonable excuses for them to vote for; sovereignty and “forriners”. Different groups with different reasons, but none of those reasons of any real benefit to the 99% who aren’t super-rich tax-exiled Tory party donors and press barons. As predicted, we ARE seeing huge outflows of investments from the UK, large-scale job losses and a depreciation in the pound. “Ghastly commissioners”? The trade commissioner was the former Tory MP Leon Britton for ten years. Chris Paten was another. We had EU elections in May; did you vote? They elected the senior commissioners, so 17% of those votes were – or should have been if Brexit Party Ltd MEPs didn’t fool around in Brussels – from the UK. Greece and Spain’s problems are due to their membership of the Euro; the UK is not a member of the Eurozone, so those rules don’t apply to us. If you are worried about standards of living, then complain to a Tory MP; their policies resulted in the largest drop in living standards since the Victorian times. Nothing to do with EU membership, and everything to do with the Tory government.


    11. Dave Cliff you are absolutely right….. Betty Davis he didn’t call northerners ignorant. please assimilate properly what he actually said. The super rich have always ” invested” in legal and illegal tax avoidance schemes in association with the political parties of all spectrums, not just the Tory party. This is NOT new. Not saying its right it will never stop. This is NOT the reason most people wanted to leave. We want our sovereignty back, we don’t want to be controlled by the EU run by German controlled Merkel and recently 2 other German females in senior positions and the lisbon TREATY being put into place next year read it and be very afraid. Similarly sensible levels of immigration which should but will not happen because it keeps wages down which is why most big businesses dont want to leave the EU. naked self interest.


  3. Britain is a Plutocratic Monarchy and fast becoming a Fascist state. With control of populist propaganda via the right wing press, which unfortunately feeds most of the news stories to the BBC and other media outlets I see little hope of the real truth of Britain’s exploitation by the super rich being explained to the largely indifferent voting public. Brexit, as explained above was purely to distance Britain from a Europe where citizens not subjects are demanding a fairer share of universal wealth and opportunity being available for the common good.

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  4. This spells out the reason and evidence for the manipulation and deceits that caused many people to vote Leave.
    Is this another case of the undermining of democracy without anyone being called to account and without a referendum being called into question? And does it also explain why Cameron fled the filed and May was only too ready to accept a result that would not have stood up as a clear majority for any other such major constitutional change? Where is the ombudsman for this?


  5. Thanks. That seems to be the missing piece I was looking for. I have been wondering, since the elite is so determined to keep its power, how Cameron could really manage to do such a poor campaign for remain if he really wanted the UK to remain. Somehow, I thought, he must earn more if the UK leaves. Nothing else makes sense. And here you have presented the sense.

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  6. Can you all leave Mr. Cameron alone, please. Personally, I think he did a wonderful job as PM, I’m glad he refused to tighten the tax laws and I’m definitely glad he took us out of the EU. For one thing, their child protection directives were way over the top, as were the rules on women’s rights.


  7. Thanks for this article- v interesting. I’m flabbergasted that the tax dodging elite are prepared to take such a huge gamble with a national economy. I can’t help feeling despair too that we’re still stuck with our archaic ‘First past the post’ voting system. Labour had the chance to change to PR but didn’t take it. The unending left/right trench warfare is so stuck in Victorian times. This country will go up like a tinderbox if we get a cliff- edge brexit.


      1. Thanks Nolan made me research the man who wrote the quote Bernays I need no more explanation of why we are at this point in “history “ engineered consumerism & propaganda by the few for the masses


  8. Such skulduggery! They have proved beyond any shadow of any doubt, they couldn’t care less about the many! They have sold Britain for their own ends! Every single time!


  9. Isn’t this article taken from “The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy has Been Bought” by Donnachadh McCarthy? Good book and goes on to explore all the areas of our fatally captured political system in UK, in some depth.


  10. Cameron held the referendum at the height of the refugee crisis. Throughout the campaign the British media listed the first item as the referendum followed closely by images of refugees streaming into and through Europe. Preserving tax avoidance was certainly the motivation of those who had the power to call a referendum, Cameron and his chums, but for a significant majority of the leave voters it was immigration. If Cameron genuinely wanted to remain in the EU, and not leave to protect his wealthy chums ability to avoid paying tax, then it was a very strange decision to hold the referendum in the middle of a refugee/immigration crisis given that it was the one issue the leave campaign had which connected to ordinary voters. Had Cameron waited 1 year until the TV screens were no longer filled with images of refugees marching through Europe, and towards the UK, would that have been sufficient to swing the vote the opposite direction? The timing of the election gave the leave campaign the greatest hope they had and I can not understand how any informed politician would not have realised that. The sheppard led the sheep to the wolves and then did the “honorable” thing and got out of sight as quick as possible so his part in the deception would soon be forgotten, out of sight…..out of mind.

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    1. Obviously the ploy at giving so.much Air Time to the refugees was a scaremongering tactic to keep any news away from the true reason the referendum was called, i.e. the tightening of the legislation on tax avoidance, threatening the country with an influx of refugees, why do you think Cameron got out so quick, how often has he been seen in this country since then????? Another TRAITOR to the people of this country to add to the list with this govts


    2. I liked and commented under the “Tax Adviser’s” comment:
      most Brexiters saw Brexit as ‘the only way’ to avoid the threatened mass influx of foreign refugees into the UK via Europe, and tax havens were not in the Press news as a major issue. There is also the point I wish to make that there is nothing illegal about tax avoidance – tax evasion is illegal, but not tax avoidance by legal means. People have every right to protect their hard-earned money – there is nothing wrong with earning money and thus trying to keep your hard-earned money. I’ll give you a personal example – for all of my sales career I have needed a car in order to do the job of field sales: however how unfair to be taxed nearly a 1/3rd of my wage in company car tax: if I work out my hourly wage considering my ridiculously long hours worked, it is less than minimum legal wage! What is wrong with legal tax havens for legitimately-earned hard worker’s money??


    3. That is one of the most sensible, objective comments, from an informed Tax adviser. Thank you so much for this very clear explanation! Myself, like many others in this country are fighting to keep up with understanding all the various facets of these various arguments [JOKE to follow – I live in the North of England, so what would I know? – is my answer to the comments above about ‘stupid’ Northerners!! 🙂 ]


  11. Suggest you look up Robert Mercer who set up Cambridge Amalytica, has links with Farage, swung the vote leave and as per the paradise paper leaks has his money stashed in Bermuda… A british tax haven…

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  12. – So, once again, maybe it’s time we all stop deluding ourselves and realize this brexit fiasco is backfiring big time thanks to a great big mammoth in the room…
    It has been blatantly obvious to anyone really paying attention that all this “EU REFERENDUM” fiasco has nothing to do with the interests or “protection of the British people” (just look at the tories – and “new labour’s” – track record) and everything to do with the “ring fencing” and protection of what ALREADY IS the most deregulated, money laundering, TAX HAVEN cesspit in the world and the parasites in the city of London.
    Ironically, this s now backfiring as well…

    And as for ‘unelected officials’, check out who sits to the right of the speaker in the “mother of all parliaments. Or does anyone really think it’s “the biggest financial center in the world” because they have your and the country’s ‘interest’ at heart?!?!

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  13. I am very afraid that it looks like the government is trying to provoke violence so they can declare martial law.
    Civil War is being formented and heaven know where that will take us.


  14. Thank you and all those who took part in the discussion. It has opened my eyes, I was definitely duped by all lies and misinformation in the capitalist press.

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  15. The principle that an Eton elite is behind the pro-Brexit has been clearly established, for example in the documentary ‘Brexit: The Movie’ by the right-wing pro-Brexit Martin Durkin, who is trying to say the opposite. Tragically, the majority of the public does not notice how it is being manipulated by one elite who says they are acting against the other elite.


  16. Er the Greece problem is fuelled by and born of decades of wealthy Greeks not paying their taxes. You either work for one of the tax haven beneficiaries or you are very ill informed. That’s the polite version.


  17. I fully accept that there is something £££££££&driving Johnson and co££££££££but wasn’t really sure what it was£££££££££but it appears that my suspicions££££££££were well founded

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