Novel Extract – Brexit Explained

The EU wanted to cease the ongoing austerity measures and food banks in the UK by ending the massive tax-avoiding practices and Tory aspirations of turning the UK into a major global tax haven, but prominent Brexiteers managed to protect the sovereignty of our wealthy tax-dodgers by deceiving the British people into voting to leave the EU!

Why is the BBC lying to the British public about the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive?

The BBC is wrong about Brexit not having huge implications on wealthy British tax-dodgers because if we remained in the EU, they would be trialled at the European Court of Justice, instead of a British court.

Watch James O’Brien explain why the British newspapers owned by wealthy tax-dodgers are so desperate to leave the EU

Ever since he announced his U-turn on the EU referendum in 2013, David Cameron spent his time exclusively in the company of executive officials of the British pro-Brexit press, which according to James O’Brien, are owned by wealthy tax-avoiding billionaires who felt threatened by the new EU Directive intended to bring an end to their tax-avoiding practices.

The European Commission’s letter on UK’s Controlled Foreign Companies policy that Brexiteers don’t want you to read

According to the European Commission, the UK tax legislation on Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) is not compliant with the scheme’s compatibility with the internal market.

Is this why Rupert Murdoch and his fellow tax dodgers are so desperate to leave the EU single market?

If we remain in the single market and customs union, our ongoing austerity measures will end, because our prominent tax dodgers will be forced to pay their due taxes.